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  • The ability to produce maximal force in the shortest amount of time. Power can be used to accelerate, avoid movement or decelerate movement at a joint.


  • Increase vertical and broad jump.

  • Increase speed and agility.

  • Increase hitting, throwing, kicking, and punching power.

  • Reduce chances of injury (by increasing isometric and eccentric power).

  • Fast-twitch muscle fiber development.


  • Making sure the quality of movement is prioritized.

  • Following effective progressions.

  • Offering regressions when needed.

  • Light-implement: Medicine ball explosive training (overhead, rotational, and pushing).

  • Bodyweight implement: Plyometrics, speed, change of direction, and agility training.

  • Heavy-implement: Olympic lifting, explosive kettlebell (ex. kettlebell swings), and explosive dumbbell (ex. dumbbell snatches) training.

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